Welcome! Get Started Here! (0-101-PTE221)
Pre-Course Work
Welcome! Get Started Here! (0-101-PTE221)
We're glad you're finally here. Let's get started!
Pre-Workshop Resources (SBA) (0-102-PTE221)
Pre-Course Work
Pre-Workshop Resources (SBA) (0-102-PTE221)
The Retail Workshop series will provide invaluable information and resources to help your business thrive! There are still several weeks before we get started, so we thought you might find great value in several resources, including the Small...
Black to Business Podcast (0-103-PTE221)
Pre-Course Work
Black to Business Podcast (0-103-PTE221)
The Black to Business Podcast provides entrepreneurs who provide professional services a platform to share their expertise with the world.
Business Start-Up Checklist (0-104-PTE221)
Pre-Course Work
Business Start-Up Checklist (0-104-PTE221)
Review this course for a practical step-by-step list of things to do that will help you build your business properly, from the ground up.
Virtual Meeting Tools and Tips (0-106-PTE221)
Pre-Course Work
Virtual Meeting Tools and Tips (0-106-PTE221)
A few tips to ensure you show up at your best on virtual platforms.
Entity Formation (0-201-PTE221)
Pre-Course Work
Bonus Resources
Entity Formation (0-201-PTE221)
Mike and Ed Enoch of the Enoch & Tarver Law Firm discuss considerations for creating an entity.
QuickBooks (1) - Setting Up Lists (0-202-PTE221)
Pre-Course Work
Bonus Resources
QuickBooks (1) - Setting Up Lists (0-202-PTE221)
This video is one of many bonus resources you will receive as we approach the Retail Workshop. If you are a QuickBooks user or considering QuickBooks as an accounting tool, check out the first of several conversations with our Partner, Everett...
PTE Workshop Calendar (CAL-PTE221)
Syllabus / Course Info
PTE Workshop Calendar (CAL-PTE221)
Pre-Course LMS Orientation (LMS-ORI-PTE221)
Pre-Course Events
Pre-Course LMS Orientation (LMS-ORI-PTE221)
Meet & Greet (MG - PTE221)
Pre-Course Events
Meet & Greet (MG - PTE221)

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