Pre-Course Work

Pre-Workshop Resources (SBA) (0-102-PTE221)

The Retail Workshop series will provide invaluable information and resources to help your business thrive! There are still several weeks before we get started, so we thought you might find great value in several resources, including the Small Business Association's (SBA) learning portal.

SBA's online learning programs are designed to empower and educate you every step of the way. Access it here to browse the lessons and complete the objectives. If you're wondering where to start, we recommend the following topics: How to Write a Business Plan, Financing Your Business, Legal Requirements, Market Research, Marketing 101, Social Media Marketing, Employee Recruitment and Retention, Introduction to Pricing, Pricing Models, Sales, and Understanding your Customer.

You'll find these and more at the SBA Learning Center. Once you have completed the recommended modules, you will be more prepared to take away more value when the Retail Workshop kicks off on July 19th!
  • SBA Learning Center
  • SBA-Writing a Business Plan
  • SBA-Financing Your Business
  • SBA-Legal Requirements
  • SBA-Market Research
  • SBA-Marketing 101
  • SBA-Social Media Marketing
  • SBA-Employee Recruitment & Retention
  • SBA-Introduction to Pricing
  • SBA-Pricing Models
  • SBA-Sales
Completion rules
  • You must complete 30.00% of the content